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About MBST

Since 1998, MedTec has developed from a pioneer to a global market leader with the therapeutically used MSBT magnetic resonance technology. MedTec's guiding principle is to better understand the causes of degenerative diseases through research and to be able to treat them effectively with MBST therapy in a non-invasive, gentle, sustainable and interaction-free manner.

​We are thankful to MedTec, who has successfully installed all MBST therapy devices in our presence in the Treatment Center at Al Ahmadani Medical Center in Qatar

al ahmadani medical centre

Al Ahmadani Medical Centre

Established in 1995, Al Ahmadani Medical Center (AMC) was founded as a multi-specialty polyclinic with the intent of bringing premier quality services to Qatar’s rapidly developing healthcare sector. 

Founded by Mrs. Ibtehaj A AM Al Ahmadani and Mrs. Elham A AM Al Ahmadani; AMC applies international best practices across its services and has consistently evolved its diverse range of specialties to accommodate and meet the needs of the State of Qatar.


Nabina Group

Nabina Group is one of the leading and largest independent family owned businesses in The State of Qatar since 1951.


We are the authorized distributor many world renowned brands in Qatar market. 

Doc Medical

DOC Medical Center

The ethos of DOC. is to provide exceptional healthcare services that have person-centered care as a core value. Everyone at DOC. works together in one single goal; to deliver high quality care to all, from childhood through to old age, Whether that be in restoring health and well-being after accident or injury, or in maintaining a healthy body for our old age. We pride ourselves in caring for the whole family.


To establish Centers of Excellence providing professional and quality, patient-centered care for the whole family.



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TRANSFORM Specialist Medical Centre, Fitness Centre delivering high performance fitness and wellness for individuals, sports professionals and corporate organizations.

TRANSFORM combines the best of medicine, therapy, fitness, wellness and nutrition to revolutionize human performance.

TRANSFORM’s services are open to athletes, members of the active population looking for sports related medical advice or simply those who are keen to lead a healthy life.

Transform Specialist Medical Centre is a world leader in Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery. Through the leadership of Dr. George John and his multi-disciplinary team. TSMC has helped more than 25,000 athletes across all sports including Football, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket. Boxing and Track & Field, rapidly recover from injury in order to return to peak performance.

Over 10 years, TSMC has developed proven methodologies in orthopedic surgical practice, treatment and restorative techniques to establish its' reputation as the best integrated sports medicine practice in the UAE and across the world.

With state of the art facilities, an in-house team of high performance sports medicine practitioners, access to advanced medical research and privileges at the best hospitals within the UAE, TSMC is the preferred choice for athletes, teams and sports leagues.

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