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Our Testimonials

Convinced of MBST
MBST user and their experience

Prof. Dr. Bruno Baumann, Kalkar/Germany

“Selectively applied within a systematic treatment concept, the magnetic resonance treatment is already a blessing for our patients. I still see considerable development potential for this procedure.“

Dr. Said Behfar, Wedemark/Germany

“I offer my patients a comprehensive osteoarthritis treatment, both surgical and non-surgical.

MBST® is a gentle, successful and absolutely essential component of conservative osteoarthritis treatment in
my practice.”

Dr. Rainer Biglmaier, Berlin/Germany

“MBST® is a very modern method which supplements my surgical and conservative practice. The majority of my patients are satisfied with MBST®.
The method is a perfect complement to my range of treatment.”

Reinhard Bensch, Pulheim/Germany

“The safest method, which evidently achieves a positive effect on cartilage.”

Dr. Thomas Arndt, Dr. Joerg-Christian Struck

“MBST® has really convinced us because of the broad range of indications, reaching from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders of the bones up to injuries of tendons and ligaments.”

Gerhard Breier, Cologne/Germany

“When a pain-free and non-invasive treatment is needed for a painful joint inflammation, this is elegantly possible with MBST®. This treatment regenerates all joint structures, bones, cartilage and ligaments and restores function without risks and side effects.”

Dr. Karl-Friedrich Broeer,
Bad Oeynhausen/Germany

“MBST® is a great method for moderately severe and even severe osteoarthritis which I often offer to my patients as an alternative. The results speak for themselves.”

Dr. Karsten Christesen, Hamburg/Germany

“Joint preserving nuclear spin therapy - because there is nothing better than your own joint.”

Dr. Sulejman Cuk, Mitterteich/Germany

“I use MBST® treatment primarily for degenerative diseases of the support and musculoskeletal system, because through its use, I have been thoroughly convinced that this treatment is a gentle medical and risk-free method which is highly effective and long lasting.”

Galina Degner, Chemnitz/Germany

“Highly efficient, targeted treatment method for the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.”

Dr. Harald Oliver Dorndorf, Marburg/Germany

“MBST® is gentle and innovative - for me the ideal supplement to the treatment which I offer.”

Dr. Gabriele Eichbauer-Sturm, Linz/Austria

“My patients appreciate the nuclear spin resonance treatment because it is painless, easy and achieves excellent results without drug therapy.”

Dr. Lutz Fahrig & Team, Braunschweig/Germany

“MBST® - a highly efficient treatment which is pleasant and practically free of side effects.
Most of my patients who have been treated with MBST® are very satisfied.”

Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler, Braunschweig/Germany

“MBST® treatment is convincing because it is very effective for cartilage damage or for osteoarthritis of all joints up to the third degree.”

Achim and Sabine Finsterle,
Bad Nenndorf/Germany

“The MBST® -NuclearMagneticResonanceTherapy is a fantastic supplement to our philosophy as chiropractors for treating the cause and not the symptoms.”

Dr. Gerd Froning und Prof. Dr. Walter van Laack, Herzogenrath/Germany

“We have been using MBST® for the treatment of osteoarthritis for many years. Based on our experience and our own investigations in cooperation with the Aachen Technical University, we are very satisfied with the sustained positive effects of this treatment method.”

Dr. Thomas Grießer, Luedenscheid/Germany

“MBST® is very convincing due to its biological effect. In addition, it has no side effects and is highly effective.”

Dr. Joerg Hassink, Neuss/Germany

“The academically sound MBST® method convinces by metabolism stimulation of the whole musculoskeletal system, free of side effects, and, furthermore, can preserve joints not needing urgent surgery.“

Dr. Wolfgang Hauberg, Osterode/Harz/Germany

“With MBST® you can avoid premature joint surgery.”

Dr. Gerhard Hauke, Liezen/Austria

“Non-surgical treatment option for acute and chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system.”

Dr. Gerhard Hechtl, Leoben/Austria

“Low risk and scientifically based method for the treatment of degenerative joint disorders, sports injuries and strain damage.”

Dr. Norbert Kaltenkirchen, Trier/Germany

“MBST® helps and lengthens the life of joints.”

Dr. Thomas Kiel, Bitburg/Germany

“MBST® is a useful therapy at an early stage which helps to avoid consequences later.”

Dr. Wolfgang Klapsch, Spittal/Austria

“MBST® is an innovative therapy method with treatment results which are way above average.”

Dr. Irena Klemmt, Berlin/Germany

“As a supplement to multi-modal pain therapy, which complements other forms of treatment.”

Dr. Heino Kniffler, Dr. Klaus-Wolfgang Richter,
Dr. Carsten Dehler, Kelkheim/Germany

“Highly effective osteoarthritis and osteoporosis treatment without any side effects and with sustainable pain reduction.”

Dr. Peter Krapf, Trier/Germany

“As an orthopaedist and doctor for naturopathy, I have been using effective alternative forms of treatments for over 25 years. This was passed on to me by my mentor Prof. Dr. Hess (for many years the physician of the national football team). Even after having used MBST® for years, I never cease to be amazed by the results of the treatment.”

Prof. Dr. Sc. Dalibor Krpan, Zagreb/Croatia

“Every year we treat a very large number of patients with MBST® in my policlinic. I know of no other treatment which provides even similar results for osteoarthritis, metabolic disorders of the bones and osteoporosis as the nuclear spin resonance therapy - and with absolutely no risk to the patient.”

Dr. Karin Krueger, Schwerin/Germany

“MBST® is able to achieve pain reduction and can improve mobility for a high quality of life.”

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Werner Kullich, Saalfelden/Austria

“In the last ten years, many thousands of patients with various forms of osteoarthritis in the musculoskeletal system have been treated with MBST® therapeutic nuclear spin resonance and the success has been documented. There has been a proven positive influence on cartilage cells with regard to metabolism and electrophysiology.”

Dr. Volker Kurze, Essen

“One can also successfully treat osteoarthritis without surgery.“

Dr. Thomas Lagodka, Bonn/Germany

“MBST® is a biological treatment concept which, in very many cases, leads to an excellent improvement of health complaints.”

Dr. Regina Langhammer, Dr. Stefan Balkausky, Bremen/Germany

“We use MBST® because it is the most effective,
non-invasive method of treatment for osteoarthritis.”

Dr. Joerg Lehmann, Wurzen

“Effectiveness and trend-setting treatment success are convincing benefits for applying the magnetic resonance treatment.“

Dr. Stefan Lipski, Seevetal/Germany

“MBST® is a pain-free, modern method of cartilage regeneration without any side-effects.”

Dr. Oscar Lora-Carranza, Nordhorn

“I use MBST® because it is a good and successful option for treating patients.
Because the MBST® treatment is painless and without side effects, patients feel this as being very pleasant.“

Dr. Achim Lueth, Freiburg/Germany

“With the chondro-regenerative MBST® treatment, we are able to offer our patients more than the mere treatment of symptoms.
By modifying the disease, we can take a positive influence on the course of osteoarthritis.”

Dr. Menzler, Schweinfurt/Germany

“For over 10 years MBST® has been my first choice in the treatment of degenerative and post-traumatic joint diseases. Due to its lack of side effects and its convenient application, it is a pleasant form of treatment for my patients, which promises long lasting pain reduction and functional improvement.”

Dr. Andreas Muelke, Hamburg

“Now, with MBST®, there is a method of treatment which, when used, can avoid many unnecessary knee surgeries. Especially degenerative cartilage changes and MRI-proven bone marrow oedemas in the knee joint can be improved with magnetic resonance treatment with no side effects and without complications.“

Dr. Marko Niederhaus, Prof. Dr. Heinz Gierse,
Dr. Martin Kippels, Cologne/Germany

“The first choice for conservative treatment of
osteoarthritis and tendinitis. It can often replace or significantly delay surgery. As nearly all forms of surgery occur in our practice we are well able to evaluate the conservative alternatives.”

Dr. Thomas Noecker, Naunhof/Germany

“MBST® has really convinced me through the highly effective results without side effects in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.”

Roland Opel, Riesa/Germany

“I have now been successfully using MBST® in my practice for 10 years for the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and with the nuclear spin treatment I treat patients with a very wide range of indications. I don't know of any other method which has such positive results for patients.”

Dr. Joachim Overbeck, Deggendorf/Germany

“I have been using MBST® since November 2001. I have found that for many diseases it is by far the best treatment, and sometimes, for bone circulation problems, it is the only possible treatment. Many satisfied patients from my practice come in for treatment of a different joint years later and still have no complaints in the previously treated area.”

Dr. Walter Pitzer, Gladenbach/Germany

“Positive, non-invasive treatment option for the treatment of sports injuries and for rapid healing of the injury.”

Dr. Bernd Pueschel, Dr. Claudia Schmidt,
Dr. Beate Mueller, Freital/Germany

“MBST® - a very good and alternative form of treatment without side effects for chronic joint pain.”

Dr. Hendrik Reinwald, Gedern/Germany

“For over 2 years now I have gained good and also very good experience with the MBST® magnetic resonance treatment of degenerative diseases of the peripheral joints and was positively surprised over and over again by the results. All stages of osteoarthritis can be treated with a very good perspective of success and free of side effects. For this reason I have now extended my practice's treatment range with a larger MBST® machine, and in the future I expect similarly good results when treating osteoporosis and spines.“

Dr. Müller, Dr. Rudolph, Weißenfels/Germany

“A very effective treatment method which is completely
free of side effects.”

Dr. Hans-Christof Reitzner, Dr. Martin Stock, Sinsheim/Germany

“We changed from another magnet treatment method to MBST®. In general, patients respond much quicker to the new therapy. It is very seldom that a patient does not respond to MBST® after careful review of the indication. We would not want to go without MBST® as a treatment method in our health centre any more!”

Dr. Parcival Richter, Silke Gruhn, Walsrode/Germany

“Even in cases where you wouldn't believe it could help it proves to be amazingly successful.”

Dr. Klaus Rittmann, Sulzbach-Rosenberg/Germany

“With MBST® we have access to an advanced form of treatment, which has provided us with a significant advancement in the treatment of our patients.”

Paul Schepers, Cologne/Germany

“Meanwhile therapeutic nuclear spin has become the mainstay of my medical specialist practice. Under no circumstances would I, with the best for my patients in mind, want to go without any more.”

Dr. Wolfram Schmidt, Kitzbuehel/Austria

“The system is wonderful to use for fresh soft tissue injuries, and especially for bone marrow oedemas. In addition, it offers a pain-free alternative for osteoarthritis at any stage.”

Dr. Thorsten Schubert, Dr. Bernd Schaefer,
Dr. Gerald Eggers-Stroeder, Hamburg/Germany

“We recommend MBST® as a preventative, cartilage-regenerating therapy measure for moderate osteoarthritis of the larger and smaller joints.”

Dr. Gottfried Schwieger, Wiesbaden/Germany

“MBST® preserves joints and mobility and improves quality of life, because it is the most effective conservative treatment method for osteoarthritis.”

Dr. Farschad Tabesch, Bad Homburg/Germany

“MBST® has shown a dramatic effect in cases of spontaneous osteonecrosis.
The progression results demonstrate a significant consolidation of the findings.”

Prof. Dr. Alexander Voelker, Berlin/Germany

“For me, MBST® is the most effective osteoarthritis treatment with the longest effect.”

Dr. Uwe Wegner, Hannover/Germany

“MBST® is very suitable for the treatment of sports injuries. I also use it during competitions of the German national athletics team. Especially rather frequent stress reactions of the bones respond very positively to MBST®. MBST® is the optimal impulse to mobilize patients from inside.”

Dr. Erwin Weijnen, Nuernberg/Germany

“Our motto: Efficacy without side effects applies perfectly to MBST®.”

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Weinstabl, Wien/Austria

“My experience with this innovative method, for almost all indications is that 80% of the patients benefit significantly from the treatment. The long term effect is remarkable. As a trauma surgeon, I am happy to be able to offer my patients an effective alternative within conservative treatment.”

Dr. Lothar Weiß, Raststatt/Germany

“MBST®  is a form of treatment with an efficacy which is far above the so-called placebo effect (30%). It is scientifically and statistically monitored; offers an effective stimulation of the musculoskeletal system without side effects and is therefore a very physiological treatment concept. It can be easily combined with other treatment schemes.”

Dr. Harald Weskott, Erndtebrueck/Germany

“After metabolic optimisation in the joint area,
fantastic biophysical stimulation of the joint cartilage due to MBST®.”

Dr. Detlef Withoeft, Neutraubling/Germany

“MBST®: Good chances for success in the regeneration of cartilage cells in case of joint degeneration.”

Dr. Raymond Young, Hannover/Germany

“We use MBST®, because we prefer to preserve joints instead of replacing them.”

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