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About Arthro Spin Lift

Arthro Spin Lift

The rollable and multi-adjustable therapy device allows the treatment of patients of almost any age and body size. It can be moved easily with small effort. The efficient treatment can be adapted optimally to each patient. ARTHRO·SPIN·LIFT takes up only a small space and thus fits even into smaller rooms. Its surfaces have no corners or sharp edges, are resistant to impacts, scratches and abrasions and easy to clean and to disinfect.

Treatment zones: 

Arm, Elbow, Hand, Finger, Leg, Knee, Foot, and Toes.
    1. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Foot
    2. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Double-foot
    3. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Hand
    4. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Double-hand
    5. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Knee
    6. Osteoarthritis/cartilage Elbow
    7. Osteo/bone Arm
    8. Osteo/bone Leg
    9. Wound Healing Arm
    10. Wound Healing Leg
    11. Postsurgery Arm
    12. Postsurgery Leg
    13. Muscles Arm
    14. Muscles leg
    15. Tendons Arm
    16. Tendons Leg
    17. Ligaments Arm
    18. Ligaments Leg
    19. Nerves Arm
    20. Nerves Leg

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